Fascinating Links

My meager contributions to the inter-webs can be seen by following these links:

Making Sense of Science Newsletter - located for the moment on my business' domain and kept for archival purposes, the Newsletter itself does not circulate any longer due to the cost and complexity of email distribution lists.  I was also getting too much spam through the forms.

John S. Jacob - my "business card" site which try as I might, is not always up-to-date.

TheInnovationGuru Youtube channel - this is where I host my videos, recorded presentations, and films I have made.

My SlideShare page - another site for uploading and sharing presentations.

http://www.facebook.com/JohnSJac0b - my facebook profile.

http://au.linkedin.com/in/johnsjac0b - my LinkedIn profile.

The John S. And Richard E. Jacob Undergraduate Research Prize at Arizona State University Department of Physics.

Air Hammer Instability paper - delivered at ISCORMA-1 in 2001

Technical Reports Written by John S. Jacob

A Blues Piano Player in Perth, Western Australia