Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why Do Things Sometimes Happen?

I once asked a great Zen Master, "Why do things sometimes happen?"

For example, why does my Ethernet-over-power network adapter suddenly stop working for no apparent reason?  And then why does it flash all its indicators simultaneously?  Why does unplugging it and then plugging it back in again not work?

Why do both the reset button and the pair button fail to have any effect whatsoever?  And I'd also like to know why when I plug it back in a third time all the lights ominously stay off this time.

Finally, there's one more thing I'd really like to know: why does plugging it in to a different socket causes it to explode with the loudness and the flash and sparks and the smelly smoke and the "ow my ears are ringing?"

Electronics FAIL.  Network FAIL.

"WHY?" said the master.  "You want to know why?"


"Are you sure you want to know?" he asked me again.

"Um... I thought I did but now I'm not so sure . . . ," I hesitated.

But the master continued.  "To the question of Why, I give you this answer:

"Well, why not?"


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