About This Blog

"John's writing leads you down a path while putting a rock in your shoe."  -  A. Reader

I don't know exactly what that means, either.  But so far it's the only jacket quote I have.

How does an American scientist, aerospace engineer, mathematician, astronomer, blues musician, carpenter, horologist, scholar, historian, writer, filmmaker, speaker, all-round genius and an excellent driver come to spend much of his time in a shed in Australia?

If I ever meet anyone like that, I'll be sure ask him.  Meanwhile you've got me,  an American living in Australia since 2001 when the ex-wife decided her career was best served by relocating the family overseas.  Later, she terminated the marriage arrangement for reasons known only to her.  I chose then to remain in Australia in order to be here for my 9-year-old son.

From that time, I've had to survive, adapt, learn and heal.  I found things about Australia I really like and things I could do without.  I've learned more about myself and my own origins than would have been possible otherwise.

After a short period of homelessness, living in borrowed accommodations (or in the back of my truck), I began to get it together.  I found a small block of land and scraped together enough cash to buy it.  That is where I later built the Shed, a place with enough space for someone like me with far-flung ideas and wide-ranging interests.

I also got re-married to a wonderful Australian lady who reckons my ex must have been out of her mind to throw me out.  I don't disagree, but now that I know what it's like being married to someone who doesn't shout at me, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wodan, the Wander, Master of the
Wild Hunt,and official mythological
deity of this blog.
Yet there is tragedy as well.  A few years ago the ex prevailed in a court battle seeking leave to relocate overseas with my son.  Her emotional domination of him meant that he absorbed her insane hatred of me, and  the judge could see no reason to value the father-son relationship at anything.

As predicted, all promises of regular contact by phone, email and internet have gone out the window and I grieve as any parent who has lost a child.

Well, I guess a guy can't have everything.  'Cause where would he keep it?   Although Fatherhood was something I valued very highly, it's just not in the cards as something I will experience any longer.  But I can still make a difference in the world by helping inventors, entrepreneurs and engineers.  I help businesses be more successful by writing, speaking, consulting and advising about science, engineering, R&D, and management of technology development, something I've been involved with for 25 years.

Australia is full of fascinating
creatures, most of which seem
to be spiders, for some reason.
And I am still fascinated by this land, Australia, and its creatures, spaces, inhabitants, customs and language.  My purpose with this blog, AussieShed.com,  is to share what I've learned, to entertain, inform, connect, and inspire.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.