Sunday, January 15, 2012

Here Come Those Blues Again

My appreciations goes out to Mike Stone for a fantastic couple of sets at his house Saturday.  Thanks to his wife Lynn for the hospitality, to the very talented George for the rock solid and amazingly groovy beats, and all the guys including Harry (guitar & vocals), Malcolm (bass), Jeremy (guitar), and the sax player who lives such a fascinating double-life, it is actually a felony for me to disclose his name.  (OK, the truth is I forgot his name.  Are you happy?)

This of course is a rendition of T-Bone Walker's T-Bone Shuffle.  What, you weren't expecting the Porterhouse Shuffle, were you?  The Filet Mignon Shuffle?  For that I'm afraid you've come to the wrong blog.

And finally, from one of the greatest blues artists living or dead, BB King's The Thrill Is Gone:


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