Thursday, April 4, 2013

Revealed: Engineers' Secret Fitness Plan

The Engineers' Secret Fitness Plan contains three basic elements:

1.  At some point in your life, decide what size you are.

2.  Only buy clothes that are your size.

3.  If your clothes feel tight, that means you are not hungry.

It really is that simple.  But non-engineers (i.e. Complainers) always manage to find something to complain about:

"But my stomach FEELS hungry!"

Oh, right.  Which organ are you going to believe?  That paragon of intelligence and good decision-making: The Brain, or some gurgling bag of acid and gas that never knows what's good for it?  Your Brain is the only organ that you should allow to make decisions for you.

The one problem is that most engineers become aware of what they are by about age 15.  Some people claim that this is too early to decide what size clothes you buy for the rest of your life.  This may also be the reason that when you look at an engineer, you can usually see his socks.

Myself, I was still lengthening out my arms and legs well into my university years.  But being a Western Reformed Engineer, I was allowed to select my clothing size upon graduation.

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