Monday, October 17, 2011

Feelin' Blue

I've been feeling mighty blue lately.  The only cure for that is to get together with some mates and play the Blues, loud and fast.

Fortuitously, a local Blues club had "organized" (and I use the term loosely) a jam night at the Medina pub for Saturday night, Oct 15.  Medina is a suburb about half an hours' drive south of the city, and like many such places half an hour from a major city, it is the sort of place best seen after sundown.

My mate Tim and I got together the day prior for a practice session, a sneak peak of which is provided below. We hadn't played together for perhaps a year, or six months at least.  Blues musicians don't keep very good records of those sort of things.   In any case, it had been a long time and we spent two or three hours (see - it was only last week and already the basic facts are becoming blurred) to find each other's tempo and groove.

The following evening we converged on Medina only to find that the pub was dark and locked up.  Closed.  No cars in the parking lot.  The place was empty and deserted.


What the hell kind of pub is closed on a Saturday night?  The Medina pub, for one. It seems that the Disorganizers of the blues jam had decided to quit and not to tell everybody.  It wasn't hard to spot Tim driving around looking for the place.  His was nearly the only other car on the road.  We made a couple of extremely indignant phone calls and left a polite but sternly worded message on the "organizers" voicemail.

Then we called it a night.  Perhaps one day we'll organize our own Blues jamming club, one that will be renown for its dependability.  It could be the first ever of its kind.

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