Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Same Old Joke

I have an acquaintance in America (and you know who you are!) who resorts to the same joke every time he sees me on my occasional visits back home.

He always says to me, "So, John!  What's it like down there in Australia?  How do you keep from falling off the planet?"

When I have not been clever or quick enough to avoid this recurring banality, the answer I give is an eye-for-an-eye.  I also resort to the same old joke.

"We wear very heavy boots."

This has become a kind of ritual, though I've been getting better at avoiding this person for the last few visits.

Don't get me wrong - I truly value my acquaintance with good, solid, down-to-earth folks like him.  Having friends like that back home makes living far, far away in Australia so much easier.

And so much more preferable.  Unfathomable distance has its benefits.

On this occasion, the nearest human being was some 50 miles away.   Yay!

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