Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Winter Wonderland

It is now August and the height of the Southern Hemisphere winter.  Well, it was when I started writing this post.  It's actually September now.  So sue me.

Winter in topsy-turvy Australia means that Bindoon looks something like this:

One notices, if one looks closely at the above photograph, the peculiar absence of snow, ice, or frozen water crystals of any kind whatsoever. This anomaly can be explained by the fact that the temperature is about 70 F.

The hills and pastures of Bindoon, Western Australia are as green as anyone could wish at the moment.  WA's winter is better than some countries' actual summer.  At the Shed, too, we find a Winter Wonderland consisting mainly of wildflowers and bees.

Bindoon is a cattle and citrus area, and is particularly known for its excellent Mandarins. And this has given me an idea.  As anyone knows who has studied the film, The World's Fastest Indian, no shed can be complete without its own lemon tree.  If the whole world's economy collapses and I am somehow reduced to surviving at the Shed, it would be rather embarrassing to be done in by something as ignominious and preventable as Scurvy.  Therefore:

One Lemon Tree.  In planting this tree I was ably assisted by this small black centipede.  Though perhaps "ably assisted" is not 100% on the mark.  Perhaps I should say "not significantly hindered" which amounts to more or less the same thing. 

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